Easy follow-up for Dupuytren's disease.
iDupuytren is a research platform that enables patients and physicians to easily monitor Dupuytren's disease on a regular basis.
The research project.
iDupuytren is a research platform of Magnus Baringer and Prof. Dr. Dr. Bert Reichert aimed at exploring the possibilities and opportunities of regular follow-up in patients with Dupuytren's disease.
Regular self-measurement.
iDupuytren offers patients with Dupuytren's disease the ability to regularly self-assess the degree of contracture of their affected fingers and to archive, evaluate and share the data with their physicians.
Keep track of your disease.
Use iDupuytren to regularly measure your affected fingers to better monitor the condition and course of your condition and to optimize treatment in consultation with your doctor.
Keep track of your patients.
Use iDupuytren to regularly review the condition, course, and eventual progression or recurrence of the disease in all your Dupuytren patients to optimize treatment.